Does Olympus Mons cause Mars to wobble?

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Dominic Parker

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Does Olympus Mons cause Mars to wobble?
« on: 07/06/2011 16:29:37 »
Dominic Parker  asked the Naked Scientists:


I've been an avid listener for only the past month or so when I've been listening to the podcasts on my walk to and from the library everyday to revise, and am absolutely loving it so far and have managed to get through a good 30 or 40 of the latest podcasts in this short period of time... Anyway just a few things I was wondering if you could help me with:

Since Mars is comparatively small to Earth and yet has the largest mountain in the solar system; is Olympus Mons relatively large enough to cause Mars to wobble on its axis?

Thanks very much for your time

Dom Parker

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