What is a Wallow Fire??

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What is a Wallow Fire??
« on: 15/06/2011 00:41:07 »
What is a Wallow Fire?  This is the way they describe the fire in Arizona.  The dictionary does nor explain it.  Google does not explain it.  I am unfamiliar with the topic.  Do any of you know what a Wallow Fire is?  Thanks for comments.  Joe L. Ogan
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Re: What is a Wallow Fire??
« Reply #1 on: 15/06/2011 02:13:21 »
Hi Joe,

It's the name they give to the particular fire. The fire fighters always attach a name to fires based on the  location where the fire started. Apparently the recent major fire in Arizona started in the Bear Wallow Wilderness area, so they probably just abbreviated it to the "Wallow Fire".

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