Did the Universe really start at the big bang?

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Did the Universe really start at the big bang?
« on: 20/06/2011 05:45:51 »
The evidences that support the theory of Big Bang only suggest that the Universe expanded rapidly at the event. From the evidences, it could also be concluded that the universe existed already, and the Big bang episode resulted only in the rapid expansion of the Universe.

Here's a convincing theory that I have put up to support the idea.

1. The Early Universe existed without any charge. Since it didn't have any charge, all the subatomic spaces, intermolecular spaces, etc didn't exist, and the universe was much more compact that it is now.

2. The Event of Big Bang resulted in the production of charge in matter, and this resulted in the expansion of the Universe.

3. Since no charge existed before the big bang, only gravitation force existed, rest all other forces were absent.


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Did the Universe really start at the big bang?
« Reply #1 on: 20/06/2011 12:12:59 »
What about strong nuclear force and weak nuclear force? 

What about Pauli exclusion?
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