Could people be immersed in growth serum to heal wounds?

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HI Chris
Thanks for the brilliant show every week. It's amazing how you simplify science into lay mans terms, being a bio medical graduate I understand how tough it is to simplify  concepts at times.
A few weeks ago you got a question regarding flashing sinning structures on the sides of buildings, you said that you thought it was exhaust fans or some form of decretive vents on building.
Just thought I'd inform you that they are actually  bird repellents. ( which are becoming very popular especially on warehouses around Johannesburg.
Secondly an idea  for the answer regarding the question about beach sands and different  temperatures.

South African beach sands have a very high Silica and metal oxide content,  instead of the normal crushed shell content.  So in theory Our beach sand has a specific heat to that of the  more calcium based beach
A question I've had for a while, and well the idea came from the movie star ship troopers, in the movie when a person was badly injured they were submerged in a tank of "growth medium" which promoted cell growth. Also I've seen that in Sa: Pretoria University medical research division grows liver tissue completely submerged in a growth medium, and skin tissue in medium tanks, and  Chris hani Baragwanaths hospital keeps young burn victims in saline tanks to keep the skin grafts from drying out.

So after a bit of waffling, I ask you, Humans heal quicker while they are asleep, Cells grow better in growth medium,  Why don't doctors induce people into a coma and then with a respiration system submerge them in a "growth" medium to promote quicker healing and cell growth. Also as being surrounded in water is relaxing, would this system not work a secondry purpose that of aiding in stress relief to reduce ptsd?
What do you think?
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