New Invention : The Diet Deficiency Calculator

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New Invention : The Diet Deficiency Calculator
« on: 21/04/2006 08:08:20 »
I debated whether or not to put this in the new theories section or not, but I decided that I preferred to present it here.

This is not so much a new invention, as it is another way of cross-referencing data in a heretofore unattempted method.


I am thoroughly convinced that repression of emotions and feelings is the preminent defeater of health in humanity at the moment, but,
why then is a girl like Jessica Alba still hot?

Well...the logical extension is, perhaps inside she's not, but, I'm going to focus on the health side of it.

I believe it's because she knows how to eat well and how to exercise well. (I'm planning to prepare a short podcast about healthy living myths and facts derived from Bill Philips' Body for Life program. It's opened my eyes a good deal.)

Eating Well and
Excercising Well are essential elements of human education taught laughingly in our school system (embarassing school systems is another of the motifs of my posts).
It's a shame because they are directly correlated with academic success (don't you just hate those buggers who are good in sports, good in school and good looking. THEY'RE NOT HUMAN!...but.they are, they just know a few things you don't, and have better emotional repression mechanisms).


So, the way the calculator works is:

1. Enter in a list of all the foods you eat on a regular basis.
In my case I eat:
Protein : Chicken, Beef, Eggs, Salmon
Carbohydrates : Whole Wheat Bread, Whole Wheat Pasta, Brown Rice
Fruits : Apples, Oranges, Pears, Bananas
Vegetables : Brocoli, Carrots, Lettuce, Tomatoe, Peppers
, among other healthy foods.
2. The calculator tells you where your deficiencies are.
I might have been deficient in Selenium, because apparently bread in North America does not contain Selenium because agricultural practices have eroded it from the soil.
But I take a multi-vitamin with 200mcg which is more than plenty for a day.

That's it.
Oh sure, there's more to it.
Quantities of food.
Frequency of foods.
Quality of foods.
But the idea is so profoundly simple and wonderful that I just thought I'd pop it in here.


I guess I could patent it, but, I don't really care much about money.

I have lots more amazing ideas, and I want the Star Trek future where humanity works to better itself through nurturing wonder and curiosity and joy and not bitterness, paroquial-vision, and despair.


If people could see, easily what they needed to eat to compensate for the vitamin deficiencies,
what the lack of those vitamins and minerals did,
how their inability to sleep,
how their chronic fatigue,
how their incurable colds,
were all due to a cumulative gap in their lifelong nutrition,
it would change everything.


Hippocrates said it:


As long as we haven't evolved into pure energy a le Einstein's idea of the pinnacle of human evolution, this simple maxim holds true.


If anybody knows who I need to contact to create, what I think would be a pretty simple computer program that could be available on the internet, let me know.

...maybe the Mayo clinic?

"When Given A Choice Between Two Paths, Take The Third Path." (Talaxian Saying)
"When Given A Choice Between Two Paths, Take The Third Path." (Talaxian Saying)

Please see Al Gore's Movie "An Inconvenient Truth". The earth is our home, our responsibility. (Me)