Can E=MC2 as a process be translated into a mechanical setting?

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I like many others no doubt find it difficult to understand the process of how matter can convert into energy and vice versa E=MC2, I know this happens but for some reason my brain keeps rejecting the notion that physical matter can cease to exist by converting into energy. To cut a long story short, I realised I lack the mental capacity to fully understand this process and when I analysed why, I found that my brain wanted to see a mechanical explanation.  I accepted that understanding this process was simply beyond my ability, so I hit on the idea that if I could covert   this process into a mechanical setting I could see the principles of the process happen (a bit like not being able to see in the info red spectrum, so you buy goggles that covert info red into a spectrum you can see, the conversion would be the equivalent of putting the goggles on).
I have attempted such a conversion, which although has traded science for fantasy has ironically (I hope) helped me grasp some of the scientific principles that were previously beyond me.
This conversion is not science, and in no way can it ever be used for any scientific purpose, it is simply a tool designed to help me overcome my own personal inadequacy to understand what science is saying when physical matter converts into energy.  I believe that I have captured the basic principles of E=mc2 in a mechanical format but have been too frighten to ask anyone who would know. I have searched the internet and found nothing like it. Clearly Iím as mad as a hatter and as ignorant as an ass, but I would be grateful if anyone with real knowledge of E=MC2 has time to waste and needs a bit of entertainment could have a look to see have I captured the basic principles of E=MC2 or have I completely missed the point. Also if by some miracle it does, is creating a conversion a useful tool or a stupid idea?
The conversion can be view via the following link
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