Discuss: Drugs from the Sea, and Thalidomide at 50

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This week, Chris explores some of the cutting edge research taking place in Aberdeen.  We meet a scientist making new cannabis-like chemicals that lack the side effects of the real thing, talk to a man exploring the deepest part of the Pacific – 7 miles down – to find out what’s living there.  Plus, thalidomide - 50 years on.  Scientists now know why it had the damaging effects it did on unborn babies, but can they make a safe form of the agent so it can be used to treat cancers, leprosy and HIV?
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Discuss: Drugs from the Sea, and Thalidomide at 50
« Reply #1 on: 06/09/2011 10:22:41 »
I was surprised to hear the discussion with Neil Vargesson about safe forms of thalidomide, because I thought it was now accepted that the problems were caused by only one of the chiral forms of the molecule. I heard that fairly recently on some science programme, but I forget which. Is that no longer accepted as the case?