Pyrite = gold?

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Pyrite = gold?
« on: 29/08/2011 21:29:45 »
I have a friend that has a well and her water has iron and sulfur in it. Ruins her clothes, but anyway, I have another friend who lives about a quarter mile away and her well water is pure.

Both are on a long, low ridge that starts in Badin, NC and ends about 20 miles to the southwest.

I have read that gold is found near where pyrite is found. And iron and sulfur are what makes pyrite.

Is it probable that my friend's house is sitting on a gold seam?


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Pyrite = gold?
« Reply #1 on: 30/08/2011 04:13:04 »
Possible, but not probable. 
Pyrite is found throughout all sorts of crustal rocks, including igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic.  Obviously, only a very small percentage of pyrite is associated with gold. 
Arsenopyrite (or arsenical pyrite) have higher correlations with gold than just pyrite.  Any arsenic in her well water?
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