?why is this moon the brightest?

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?why is this moon the brightest?
« on: 07/09/2011 00:16:27 »
Why is the harvest moon reportedly the brightest of full moons?


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?why is this moon the brightest?
« Reply #1 on: 09/09/2011 21:14:29 »
Actually it isn't the brightest unless the perigee of the moons orbit happens to be when the harvest moon occurs.  However it is one of the most obvious moons neat the horizon around its full phase because the angle of the ecliptic  (the track of the sun in the sky) is such that he moon rises around sunset for several days.  the  moon reaches the highest point in the sky about one hour later each day (28 days for full orbit 24 hours per day) the opposite effect occurs in the spring when the full moon rapidly vanishes from the early evening sky.
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