Why are most LEDs sold in coloured packages?

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Why are most LEDs sold in coloured packages?
« on: 08/09/2011 13:30:03 »
Kacey Meaker  asked the Naked Scientists:

Why are most LED's sold in colored packages?  Is there some property this helps with or is it just to know what color they will be?

What do you think?
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Why are most LEDs sold in coloured packages?
« Reply #1 on: 08/09/2011 22:13:33 »
You certainly can get LEDs in "water clear" packages - clear and transparent to you and I.
Apart from ease of identification for hobbyists, the coloured packages are generally slightly diffusing, which give an LED with a wide viewing angle - good as a front-panel indicator of some sort. In contrast, LEDs in uncoloured packages are clear/transparent, having a lens-like effect which results in a directional beam with a narrow viewing angle - these are good for (infra-red) remote controls, or LED 'torches', cycle-lights etc but not so good for front-panel indicators. You do get diffuse but uncoloured LED packages - these usually contain two or three coloured LEDs to make a multi-colour capable front-panel indicator.
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