Are there any long-term effects of using IVF drugs?

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Claudia Feige

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Claudia Feige  asked the Naked Scientists:
   Hi Chris
I was wondering if you know of any long-term study of the effect of IVF drugs on the female body? I have had 15 IVFs in the last 3 years. I used Lupron, Ganirelix, Follistim (up to 600iu per day), Delestrogen, Estrogen Valerate suppositories and Progesterone in Oil.
I'm 43 now. If I do not have any side effects right now (i.e. a normal Pap smear, besides a low grade lesion due to being exposed to HPV and a normal mammogram), what side effects am I likely to experience in future and in what organs?
Many thanks and regards,
Claudia Feige (a 702 listener)
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