Extraordinary Sensitivities?

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Extraordinary Sensitivities?
« on: 27/04/2006 16:09:17 »
Hello, I've carried out a survey here in the U.S. (with participation from folks in the UK and elsewhere) indicating that some people may be 'sensitive' constitutionally - predisposed toward allergies, migraine, chronic pain and fatigue, depression, even synesthesia and psychic perceptions to a greater degree than most.  The disposition may run in families according to the reports I've gathered.  (I've published two papers so far in peer reviewed journals.)  

If anyone on this site would like to comment (or even refer to your personal experience), I would be appreciative.  All info will be kept confidential.  Several researchers have told me I may be on to something here - that 'sensitives' may have a distinct neurobiology that makes them sensitive.  It's worth considering, I think.  Please let me know if you'd like further information or citations of the papers I've written.  

Thanks, Michael Jawer


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Re: Extraordinary Sensitivities?
« Reply #1 on: 11/05/2006 23:39:11 »
i dont think psychic perception has been proven. so you cant really compare its rates. i do think that you can compare the amount of people who believe they have psychic perception... but thats too subjective i would think.