?George we miss you...............

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?George we miss you...............
« on: 12/09/2011 19:18:56 »
George Gamov, replaced as the popularizer of solar science when the quantum world appeared on the horizon by R Feynmann.  In his book 1965, Our sun a star, page 191, he describes the crushing of atoms into the nucleus and free electrons which then present as a perfect gas, again compressable, almost infinitely compressable to the density of a nuclear fluid, he states that the free nucleus and electrons still obey the quantum world only they roam from 'the edge of the jar to the edge of the jar.' 

Walt Thornhill describes these plasmas as cofined to 'ropes' and 'sheathed';  I think that outside the solar heliosphere, whether its ours of another sun's there is nothing but plasma, plasma all the way out.  Plasma everywhere you look. 

Instead of clouds of gas, maybe ionized, luffing about in the cosmos, I think there is only the endless sea of plasma.  Where there is not plasma, there is a sun's heliosphere or a nova or a contracting neutron star.  There is not nothing.  Space is full, chock full. 

So, how is the charge received and dispersed?  I think maybe Birkeland currents are only a small way charge is apparent.  I think maybe George's eddies in the cosmos are correct and correct also that it is impossible to describe so why the default to BCs. 

Also, in ths 1965 book he notes transmutation of elements via heat/pressure.  Nothing is new but when science fails in a generation to advance key understanding the default occurs which is to erase the generation knowledge and rediscover it as to create a continuing impetus of forward motion. 

The problem now seems to be that we have not found a way to 'capture' a high energy source ( Well, let me look around----the character says in Red Planet when confronted with a dead battery in a Russian satellite on the surface of Mars---and see if I see any alternate high energy sources; Nope, just rocks.  I'm going to die on this planet.)so we erase what we have gone to great expense and toil to discover so we can rediscover it in the future where we repeat the process.  Atlas rolling the rock uphill. 

Doing the same thing and expecting a different outcome is an indication of insanity.