?Is Sol at the energetic edge??

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?Is Sol at the energetic edge??
« on: 14/09/2011 20:49:58 »
Plasma info site:  http://geobeck.tripod.com/frontier/bbang3.html

I agree with the concept of the plasma focus devise; thinking about this I wonder since we here on Earth have experienced periodic electromagnetic incursions on the order of 5,000 and only 10,000 y ago since the last DL back side exposure, 5,000 y ago we were spared this catastrophic event because the DL dropped before passing us onto the back side. 
Reading this article, I see us a being inside the area the plasma focus is storing charge in.  The sudden dropping of the magnetic incursion of sol's heliosphere is when the plasma focus emits jets. 
Would anyone like to speculate where the plasma focus that is utilizing the space normally used by sol for its expanded heliosphere is emitting? 
Is our little bitty tiny part of the galaxy actually part of the storage for the plasma focus that emits jets at the center of the Milky Way? 
And what consequences would that have for the possibilities of life anywhere? 
Except maybe in globular clusters?