Do dental prosthetics contain Uranium?

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Do dental prosthetics contain Uranium?
« on: 16/09/2011 21:01:02 »
Jane asked the Naked Scientists:
   Is it a current practice of dental supply companies to produce artificial teeth (veneers, caps and/or crowns and dentures) containing the chemically toxic and radioactive substance known as Uranium (and/or any and all derivatives)?
What do you think?
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Do dental prosthetics contain Uranium?
« Reply #1 on: 19/10/2011 03:16:47 »
Uranium has been added to porcelain dentures and the like in the past at approximately 0.1% by mass. This was done so that the florescent uranium would make the teeth look whiter and brighter. This was done around the 1940's. Today however most repairs and fake teeth are made from acrylic and would not need any such treatment. In fact, regulations prevent use of uranium, at least in the US.