What do the regions in between genes do?

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What do the regions in between genes do?
« on: 19/09/2011 14:03:40 »
Regions of DNA between genes control protein expression...

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What do the regions in between genes do?
« Reply #1 on: 19/09/2011 16:22:34 »
I looked at DNA from a legal perspective a few years ago - the markers that forensic testing used to show matches were originally within the area called "junk DNA", it was thought that it coded for nothing.  Within a few years this "non-expressive DNA" could be shown to be able to predict many genetic diseases, allowed for familial matching, and phenotype prediction.  The concept that was readily accepted way back when that this DNA was non-coding and unimportant was a bit of a stretch and the more we learn about DNA coding the more we realise we have to learn
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