?gasoline+WVO[ used frying oil} = sawdust for EPA woodstove?

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Been doing WVO + sawdust but it starts slow so i squirt kerosene into the fire to accelerate it. Q=If i mix some gasoline into the sawdust/WVO blend will it-1-evaporate from the mix while sitting, 2- accelerate the burn without exploding at some point?    thanx


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?gasoline+WVO[ used frying oil} = sawdust for EPA woodstove?
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If you've got access to the sort of quantity of WVO that you're implying would you not be better using it to make bio-diesel?

I'd imagine that the gas' would only evaporate very slowly providing it's well mixed with the WVO first, but if you're premixing rather that squirting neat fuel in at the beginning of the burn-up you might be back to square one (or need much more gas' [then explosion might be a risk, other it's not likely]).

Perhaps you could get things going by using a hot-air gun instead - just for the first 5 minutes or so.
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?gasoline+WVO[ used frying oil} = sawdust for EPA woodstove?
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