Are sodium channels blocked in pain free people?

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James Muirhead

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Are sodium channels blocked in pain free people?
« on: 26/09/2011 18:30:03 »
James Muirhead  asked the Naked Scientists:
Good evening Chris,

Listening back to an episode about the scn 9 gene and how it blocks C fibre information.  Geoff Woods made this potentially very interesting discovery, but I was puzzled about how the family in Pakistan were spared the sensation of pain via the A delta nerves.  Is it the case that the sodium channels are also  blocked on these rapid transmission nerves?  I was also unclear about whether there was an scn 9 gene plus a 9a and a 9g as well.

A sister programme, Health Check, interviewed Dr. Katie Vincent from Oxford, who discovered a strong link between dysmenorrhoea and a generally heightened pain sensitivity.  I wondered if these women had been tested to see if they carried the 9a version of the scn gene?

I now have a good number of your podcasts stored on my iPhone and thoroughly enjoy them when shopping with my wife and am very happy to let her browse in shops as long as she wants!

Regards to the whole group,

James Muirhead.

What do you think?
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