Could a planet form in the asteroid belt?

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Could a planet form in the asteroid belt?
« on: 27/09/2011 18:01:03 »
Michael asked the Naked Scientists:
Our solar system has got a pretty big asteroid belt, so is it possible to bring some of those asteroids close together, enough that their combined gravitational pull would start gathering other smaller asteroids, and in final effect form a planet in place of the asteroid belt? If yes, how big would it be, and what effect would it have on our solar system?

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What do you think?
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Could a planet form in the asteroid belt?
« Reply #1 on: 27/09/2011 22:17:26 »
The total mass of the asteroid belt is less than that of our Moon, so it would be a very small planet. I also think that Jupiter's gravitational influence helps to prevent the asteroids from condensing into a larger body.
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