Great podcast - The programmes include things that aren't covered in GCSE science

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Katie Hill

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Katie Hill asked the Naked Scientists:
I recently discovered your podcast on iTunes, and whilst I'm still listening to the podcasts from 2006, I check your website regularly and find it enthralling and entertaining.

The programmes include things that aren't covered in GCSE science, and although I may not need the facts, it helps me to understand it easier than I would have originally (I can even impress my teachers with facts they didn't know).

I plan to introduce some of the more science-friendly people in my class to your wonderful podcast so keep up the good work! :) I implore you to expand the broadcast area so we can receive it here in Nottinghamshire.

What do you think?
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Hi Katie

You should know, and pass to your "science-friendly" friends, that all the Naked Scientist broadcasts are available as podcasts .  I have never listened to a broadcast "live" - but I have checked in with Doc Chris and the others for many years via itunes and my mobile phone.

BTW Please feel free to contribute to the forum - and either answer questions that are already posted, or post new questions of your own!
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