Is shaking a culture of strict aerobes required daily?

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Our undergraduate thesis about biodegradation requires us to use orbital shakers for a month.
That was fine and good... until we found out how much it costs to rent one O_O

So its either we will build a DIY orbital shaker
We limit shaking to certain intervals, like once a week?

We are testing on Pseudomonas. My question is, can we shake them only once a week? Cause if we can we could still afford renting orbital shakers, but if it requires non-stop 24/7 then we have no choice but to build one for our own.

Does anybody know where I could find some schematics for such? No I'm not going to build it myself, but buying the parts and hiring a machinist to do it could be cheaper than renting a shaker for a whole month


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Is shaking a culture of strict aerobes required daily?
« Reply #1 on: 14/10/2011 14:33:37 »
The objective of shaking is to establish more active metabolism - not only for growth but also for biodegradation. Shaking once a day is probably not going to make much of a difference.  You might reprare and sterilize medium in flasks with a magentic stir bar and incubate on a plate that allows constant agitation.