Mechanical explanation on electron & proton the particle.

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We know that
proton - is having positive charge
electron - is having negative charge
what if i assumed that(my assumed sphere  theory )( giving mechanical exp)
proton - is the particle that has spins in clockwise direction
electron - has anticlockwise spinning  property.

My assumed sphere theory - on proton
two proton having clockwise spinning when comes near will dash each other and move apart
(cause two clockwise sphere repulse )
same way- ( Standard Model)
two proton as it comes near repulse each other & move apart (cause two + repulse)

My assumed sphere  theory - on electron
two electron having anticlockwise spinning will dash each other & repulse(cause two anti clockwise spinning sphere would repulse)
same way -(Standard Model)
two electron as it comes near repulse (cause two - repulse)
My assumed sphere theory -
proton   - clockwise spin &  electron   - anti clockwise spin, both can spin together & no repulsion(neutral)

same way - (Standard Model)
proton+ & electron-  as no repulsion.

So i assume that
+ sign is as per standard model given to proton.
  clock wise spinning direction , given to photon as per my spher theory.

- sign is as per standard model given to electron.
  anticlockwise spinning direction  ,given to electron as per my sphere theory.

 neutron has  both direction spin therefore neutron is neutral

This new theory shows that all the partical in nature has mechanical explanation
two proton & two electron  repulsing each other could have possible mechanical explanation
but  as per standard model we have just asigned them as + & - . 

So my sphere theory gives them machanical explanation (clockwise spin in nature  -  for proton & anti clockwise spin in nature  - for electron).

So at atomic scale all the particles and its force  can be explained in machanical way.
Also at astronomical scale the gravity force can be explained in machanical way
then only we can unify  all the theory.

As we see here in this theory clockwise & anticlockwise spinning is asigned to the particles
means they have kinetic energy,through this we can explain the theory in machanical way on how the
proton and electron behaves.

is it not intresting !

In detail -
Note that the property of spinning can be given same from all the 3 dimension say, clock wise spin from all the dimension is same for proton.

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