Do you have courage to drink SPAM?

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Do you have courage to drink SPAM?
« on: 13/10/2011 03:43:38 »
Many people do not feel strange to the scene that the vampires in the western movies drinking blood. However, will you be frightened if you find one of your friends is drinking a bright red "blood"? Do not be afraid, you muse be composed, you friend may be drinking SPAM. Recently, there sweeps SPAM wind, such as SPAM and SPAM Many net friend boast them"so lovely", and others say that "disgusting

The SPAM is deep red liquid, the package is same as the blood bag in hospital, it's flat shape, as big as hand, and has hang hole as blood bag. On the bottleneck of the beverage, it even marks SPAM. The difference with the blood bag is on the marked location there marks words SPAM and
SPAM SPAM said Miss Wang, Hangzhou. There is no taste of blood. However, another consumer, Miss Guo did not drink, she said "It's so much the same as blood from the appearance"

Do you wanna drink kind of this SPAM?
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Re: Do you have courage to drink SPAM?
« Reply #1 on: 13/10/2011 04:03:58 »
Do you wanna drink kind of this beverage?

Not if it tastes of spam ...