What Progress have Biochar systems made in Ag, Industry & Energy

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Black Swan of Biochar

Short a nano material PV / thermoelectrical / ultracapasitating Black swan,
What we can do now with "off the shelf" technology, what I proposed at the Commission for Environmental Cooperation,  to the EPA chiefs of North America.
The most cited soil scientist in the world, Dr. Rattan Lal at OSU, was impressed with this talk, commending me on conceptualizing & articulating the concept.

Bellow the opening & closing text. A Report on my talk at CEC, and complete text & links are here:
The Establishment of Soil Carbon as the Universal Measure of Sustainability
The Paleoclimate Record shows agricultural-geo-engineering is responsible for 2/3rds of our excess greenhouse gases.  The unintended consequence, the flowering of our civilization. Our science has now realized these consequences and has developed a more encompassing wisdom.  Wise land management,  afforestation and  the thermal conversion of biomass can build back our soil carbon.  Pyrolysis, Gasification  and Hydro-Thermal Carbonization are known biofuel technologies,  What is new are the concomitant benefits of biochars for Soil Carbon Sequestration; building soil biodiversity & nitrogen efficiency, for in situ remediation of toxic agents, and, as a feed supplement cutting the carbon foot print of livestock.  Modern systems are closed-loop with no significant emissions. The general life cycle analysis is: every 1 ton of biomass yields 1/3 ton Biochar equal to 1 ton CO2e, plus biofuels equal to 1MWh exported electricity, so each energy cycle is 1/3 carbon negative.

Beyond Rectifying the Carbon Cycle;
Biochar systems Integrate nutrient management, serving the same healing function for the Nitrogen and Phosphorous Cycles.
The Agricultural Soil Carbon Sequestration Standards are the royal road for the GHG Mitigation;

The Bio-Refining Technologies to Harvest Carbon.
The photosynthetic "capture" collectors are up and running all around us, the "storage" sink is in operation just under our feet, conversion reactors are the only infrastructure we need to build out. Carbon, as the center of life, has high value to recapitalize our soils. Yielding nutrient dense foods and Biofuels,  Paying Premiums of pollution abatement and toxic remediation and the growing Dividend created by the increasing biomass of a thriving soil community.

Since we have filled the air,
filling the seas to full,
soil is the only beneficial place left.
Carbon to the Soil, the only ubiquitous and economic place to put it.

Dear Naked Sci,
I post this update because the Terra Preta thread has been locked. My last post there was April 2009 and much has been happening in the field. I try to condense this progress in the links to my Soil-C talk to the EPA chiefs.

This year has been rewarding with DuPont going forward with in situ biochar remediation work on mercury showing a 95% reduction of Hg uptake in the food web, and the other heavy metal work at mine scared lands have shown remarkable success, time elapse videos soon. I'm told a FaceBook server farm will soon have a CHP & char from "BlueSky Biochar". The EPA brief garnered a most complementary note from Dr. Rattan Lal !

You can monitor my general biochar/soil-c news at this one Google group, which I cc everything I send to the Yahoo groups:
without the static of the many posts on the Yahoo biochar lists with multiple categories; General, soils, policy, & Production at;


Erich J. Knight
Chairman; Markets and Business Committee
2010 US BiocharConference,  at Iowa State University

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