Do animals object to human faeces?

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Do animals object to human faeces?
« on: 15/10/2011 13:01:02 »
TC asked the Naked Scientists:
With reference to the "Why do dogs dump indescriminately" show...

I have a funny and embarrassing story, but it is interesting. The other day I was running in a forest in Tokai, Cape Town that has a few resident troops of baboons. Usually, whilst concerning to come in such close contact to them, they leave you alone. The other day, I "had to go" and found a quiet place amongst some trees. I suddenly heard a massive bark behind me, but couldn't actually see where the baboons were. Within a minute they were bearing down on me aggressively, two attackers in the front who continually went up on their back legs and climbed the odd branch to get height. I retreated but every time I stopped and tried to go around, they resumed their "attack". Clearly human faeces is very similar to baboon and they thought I was infiltrating their area.

What do you think?
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