Would a siphon work under artificial gravity?

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Would a siphon work under artificial gravity?
« on: 15/10/2011 13:30:02 »
al ludtke  asked the Naked Scientists:
Hi Chris,

I have just been introduced to The Naked Scientist, and I love it!  I've already learned a lot and been stimulated to thought by just the one episode - Oct. 2, 2011 - I've heard. 

While I agree with the answer and explanation given for the disfunctionality of a siphon in space in the general case, would a siphon work in the absence of gravity if it was spinning around or orbiting, in the proper dimension relative to the siphon, at a sufficient speed about a nearby point?  Would the "artificial gravity" produced by the inertia mechanically restrained by the siphon being tethered to the center of it's orbit or spin force the liquid out the longer tube?  Or would the greater inertial force of the reservoir, being closer to the center of rotation, negate the extra force in the longer tube relative to that force in the shorter tube?

What do you think?
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Would a siphon work under artificial gravity?
« Reply #1 on: 15/10/2011 15:54:35 »
Any form of acceleration as "artificial gravity"  is exactly equivalent to gravity but in the case of rotating systems the Coriolis force would have to be taken into consideration that is any motion away from the centre of rotation will result in a lateral force at right angles to the axis of rotation to accelerate the material as it moves away from the axis of rotation.  this would not prevent a siphon from working along a line perpendicular to the axis of rotation but will produce a lateral force on the siphon tube which could cause it ti be pulled out of alignment if it was not clamped in position.
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