How does wildlife respond to bad weather?

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Robert McFadden

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How does wildlife respond to bad weather?
« on: 16/10/2011 18:01:02 »
Robert McFadden  asked the Naked Scientists:
We live in VT and always feed many birds and a few squirrels.

Although we are well above any flooding danger, following the recent storm, almost all our birds and squirrels have been absent from our feeders for now almost a month. Do you have any theory as to why this is the case?

    Bob McFadden

What do you think?
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How does wildlife respond to bad weather?
« Reply #1 on: 16/10/2011 18:59:57 »
Birds of many different species will migrate prior to cold weather.

I assume the squirrels will stay in their holes, or perhaps even hibernate when there is no need for them to be out and about.

Mice often seek the warmth often found in human houses during the winter.