What do you people say, can you find the right one and fall in love, a decision? Or you find it happens by other less reasonbale persuasions? Or both? Perhaps you never fell in love?

I reason and fall in love
2 (40%)
I only can fall in love by persuasions that are not logical or by my mind's reason and discipline
1 (20%)
I find I can love someone by choice, and it comes by persuasions as well
2 (40%)
I have never fallen in love
0 (0%)
I fell in love but lost it somehow and could not revive it
0 (0%)
I can revive my love
0 (0%)

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Can You Fall in Love at Will or Only by Natural Persuasion?

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This question is a tad psychological. Do you have the ability to reason about who to love, find the type, right age, ideology, race, creed... and fall in love? Also perhaps considering the state of the personal and over all economy?

Or do you find that some people, maybe the wrong type, attracts you? You fall in love, and the nice one, you only like?

Can you fall in love by reasonable choice and sometimes find persuasions pull you in as well?

Perhaps you never fell in love? Even though you are older?

Can you revive an old flame?

I will write my experience later.


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 I do things like remember when I felt love and happyness the most for as long as I feel the feeling and then I sort of direct the feeling onto some Togetherness like a person or the universe itself, or my memories of loved ones and people I need to form more perfect relationships with for our and more specifically my benefit, and yes my very own self--past, present, future, inside outside... which helps me love more. I think this is as close to loving at will as I can fell having lived with love and produced a daughter which surely are the greatest lovers of all. ()()()()()()()()()()()()... okay.

I don't think you have control over other people but you can point out when it's to their advantage which is why "can you love at will?" makes such a good pickup line.


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In his philosophic "Love and Will" Rollo May argues that love is an act of will alone. We decide to act lovingly.. A parent who is ready to beat a 10 year old (male?) child to within an inch of their lives for painting the family car with enamel graffiti refrains from doing so by will alone. The same goes when a wife or girlfriend make you mad. You refrain from acting out the aggression and anger. By the same toke, we DECIDE to be either a pig or a saint while making love. The act is a shared experience.  If it isn't we only we loose. We may even loose our partner.  . . .
The mind is like a parachute. It works best when open.  -- A. Einstein