Why does moisturiser make hands hard to dry?

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Belle McGowan

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Why does moisturiser make hands hard to dry?
« on: 24/10/2011 07:30:03 »
Belle McGowan  asked the Naked Scientists:
Hi Guys,

My name is Belle and I am in Melbourne, Australia.

I have a question that has puzzled me for quite some time regarding hand moisturiser. 

When I have hand moisturiser on my hands and I go to wash them, it is very difficult for it to come off and is quite slimy.  This makes sense to me as oil and water don't mix.  The part that does puzzle me is that if I am to dry my hands under a hand dryer, it takes significantly longer for them to dry - it is like there is an attractive force between the water on my hands and the residual moisturiser. 

This puzzles me because it seems that there is a repulsion force to stop them from mixing yet there appears to be a sort of attractive force that prevents drying.

What is the actual science behind this?

*Belle** McGowan *

What do you think?
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Why does moisturiser make hands hard to dry?
« Reply #1 on: 27/10/2011 18:08:49 »
Maybe an emulsion has been made.  Sorry for any more info on this, but that might be the right direction to think.