What if the universe as we see it started out as a jet?

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What if the universe as we see it started out as a jet in near one dimension and is accreting into a disk of near two dimensions. What if M theory is just the collection of dimensions to use in modeling because deBroglie noticed the song. What would our universe look like if we were inside the gravitational lens. What if it is the relationship among dimensions is the key and our concept of dimensions is anachronistic.

If we started out as a jet and are spinning our way to a disk, the volume would be set by these constraints in transition and the expansion would get changes as modeled. Plus (depending on the stage), we would grow faster than cooling, and we would cool faster than growing.

Not only that, as rotational inertias align; the energies would go off scale. And as space warps, density measurements get all kinds of fubar.

It makes sense to me in the compensation of dark matter and dark energy while we insist that we are in a symmetrical, growing ball. From my very limited familiarity, being inside the lens always looks like a ball.

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What if the universe as we see it started out as a jet?
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This is rather chaotic but contains some interesting thinking and cannot be answered sensibly as it stands.  try to refine or rephrase it in a way that might explain your thinking a bit more clearly.

Alternatively you appear to be going from one and increasing the number of possible dimensions.  try going in the reverse direction and consider a vast number of dimensions trying to collapse towards a point and think what might happen
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