Does laser eye surgery work?

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Edre van Rensburg

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Does laser eye surgery work?
« on: 26/11/2011 11:30:02 »
Edre van Rensburg asked the Naked Scientists:
My mother in law told me to contact you. She listens to Redi Tlhabe radio talk show and admire your ability to explain science.

I have been researching laser eye surgery but cannot find a neutral source of information to make an informed decision whether to have it done on my eyes.

Could you please give me your opinion of the procedure.

Kind regards
Edre van Rensburg

What do you think?
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Does laser eye surgery work?
« Reply #1 on: 26/11/2011 23:28:41 »
There are many people that get laser eye surgery for a variety of types of eyesight anomalies, and it can eliminate the need for corrective lenses (contacts/glasses).

I believe that it is most effective for "younger" people, in their 20's and 30's. 

I don't believe that it would be effective for individuals in their 60's and older who require bifocals due to loss of flexibility of the lens, although potentially one could correct for distance vision, and then only require reading glasses.

Pay very close attention to the small risk of serious side-effects, especially with elective surgery.  I have met a person who's eyesight was made much much worse by a botched laser surgery.

Personally, I have chosen not to get the surgery because the glasses provide an extra layer of protection in my active lifestyle like safety-glasses (I use safety-lenses).


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Does laser eye surgery work?
« Reply #2 on: 29/11/2011 08:22:19 »
Also be aware of the reputation of the surgeon.

He/she should at least ask for how long your vision is stable, because normally, Surgery is not performed on people who's eyesight is still deteriorating. Some surgeons will not operate if your vision has deteriorated in the last 5 years, some will say 3 years, and some will always perform surgery. The latter group of surgeons has money more at heart than patient wellbeing
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