the colour of antimony sulphide

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the colour of antimony sulphide
« on: 11/05/2006 13:30:19 »

i am attempting to mock-up some john walker creation matches. i wonder if someone might be able to help me as regards to the colour and consistency of antimony sulphide and potassium chlorate.
i have been led the believe the former is of a yellow hue and the latter white.
however i have now found information contradicting this.
i'm no scientist.
can anyone help?



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Re: the colour of antimony sulphide
« Reply #1 on: 11/05/2006 17:33:30 »
The most common antimony sulfide is stibnite- which is steel gray to silver in color, tranishes black and commonly forms long slender blades.  Antimony readily oxidizes on surface exposure, antimony oxides are white.

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