Do girls always grow and develop faster than boys?

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Digomaje, Kgomotso  asked the Naked Scientists:
   Hi Chris, I always listen to you on Redi Tlhabi's show. In terms of development is it a fact that all Girls develop faster than Boys i.e. Babies crawling, teething, walking ect. I'm asking this one because I have a 6 Month old Boy and my sister has a 5 Month old Girl and she has already started  teething and my Boy hasn't yet. And when I told my Friends, they said not all boys are slow. Is this True?          

Thanks and Regards  Kgomotso  

What do you think?
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Do girls always grow and develop faster than boys?
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You and your sister should have a lot of fun comparing the growth of the two cousins.  Just don't make it into too much of a contest.

There is a tremendous amount of individual variation in things like potty training, first words, first sentences, and etc.  "Normal" might cover over a year's difference, perhaps even more.  It is unlikely that with a sample size of two, you would be able to determine any specific gender bias trends.

There are some general sex differences which may lead to things like growth spurts at somewhat different times.  So, overall while the growth of both genders may be similar, they may come in asynchronous spurts.

When looking at my Nephew and Niece, my Niece is certainly a much more picky eater than my nephew who will at least try just about anything you put in front of him.  A different caloric intake might lead them to different growth percentiles.

Again, any comparison that you and your sister make should be fun, but taken with the proverbial "Grain of Salt".