Why isn't love blinding?

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Steven Wasmer

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Why isn't love blinding?
« on: 13/12/2016 15:13:16 »
Steven Wasmer  asked the Naked Scientists:


Dear Scientists,   Excellent series

Recently I began wondering about a well documented human response to attraction. 

It has been well documented that when one person finds another attractive their pupils can dialate.  This being the case, why don't we become blinded every time we look at someone we find attractive in a well lit area ?  If you have had your eyes dialated by an optometrist it's annoying evident how bright everything is, how is this any different?  Why isn't love blind?(ing).  

Keep up the good work.    

 Steve   Philadelphia     

What do you think?
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Why isn't love blinding?
« Reply #1 on: 02/12/2011 16:12:44 »
I doubt our pupils dilate that much in such circumstances.
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