Could a wire entering a black hole convey a phone conversation?

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Russell Dorward

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Russell Dorward  asked the Naked Scientists:
*Hi!* I didn't like your answer to the question of the week "can you make a phone call from a black hole?"

Obviously radio waves cannot get out, and so cell phones are useless. Suppose you had a mother ship orbiting outside the event horizon, with a long reel of wire, and an explorer connected to the end of the wire who is slowly being lowered into the black hole. After he crossed the horizon, would his telephone still work, before he reaches the singularity, and before the telephone cable is spaghettified?

Now, I understand that time seems to stop at the horizon for an observer outside of the event horizon, so watching the explorer fall into the hole would take an infinitely long time from the perspective of the mother ship.

But, neglecting this problem, could an old fashioned Alexander Graham Bell type telephone make a long distance phone call across the horizon?


What do you think?
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No apart from considerations of wire strength while we think in terms of the movement of electrons within the wire what is actually causing their movement is an electromagnetic wave guided by the wire which would be subject to the same limitations as a wave thru space