Body Sculpting and Weight Control, Books eBooks?

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Body Sculpting and Weight Control, Books eBooks?
« on: 01/12/2011 22:19:21 »
Hi, I need to build muscle and lose weight. I have wanted to for a long time. There have been obstacles and other ambitions, some were worthwhile, others not so much. Study and more recently no space for the exercise machine at home, so, looking at gyms and martial arts.
I have a bicycle, and walk, so my legs are my best feature, and with the success of my knee operation.

I am looking for online or paper based, book form, info on diet and training for fat loss and muscular weight gain in particular for my chest and belly regions. But also my arms and shoulders. And my back, I want to strengthen it without injury. Cost matters.

So far apart from my home gym 1500, I only have two dumbbells, hand grips, a sports sabre, and of course a mountain bike.

Got any good ideas?
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Body Sculpting and Weight Control, Books eBooks?
« Reply #1 on: 01/12/2011 22:42:59 »
It sounds like you have the tools...

The biggest problem is the use of home gyms for things like clothes racks!!!

I tend to get bored with my gym equipment quickly.

Some people have adapted to use exercise equipment while watching TV.  Others have found it useful to join fitness groups such as aerobic exercise groups.  Or, a gym membership may encourage people to "get their money out of it".

The best way is to figure out how to merge the exercise with your lifestyle.  Simple things like avoiding escalators, and perhaps riding a bicycle to work.