How much mass can an electromagnet support, and where is the force applied?

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hi there i have some questions about magnetism and electro magnetism,
In using an electro magnet how strong can humans make it, as in what would the weight of the total electromagnetic construction be in comparison to the weight the magnet could attract.

my 2nd question is the following, if we make a maglev train construction where the weight of a train is being suspended above the ground, does the weight register on the ground below it (the maglev construction carrying the train)?

thanks in advance

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1- dunno. 2- yes the weight has to register on the ground


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The problem in making strong magnets is twofold first the tend to explode ( a 40 telsa magnetic field has the same energy density as TNT ) and secondly they require a great deal of power and cooling as superconductors cannot be used for really high fields.