Ecstasy Concentration/weight Legal Matter

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Ecstasy Concentration/weight Legal Matter
« on: 15/05/2006 06:03:03 »
Is there a known concentration of Ecstasy, a dose that police in Australia or England or the US regard and minimum for sex with an unwitting user to be considered unfair?



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Re: Ecstasy Concentration/weight Legal Matter
« Reply #1 on: 16/05/2006 04:39:40 »
Did you slip it into her drink??? or did she take it on her own accord??  (j/k)

If they were messed up on Ecstacy that they willingly and knowingly took and then submitted to sex then:

first, I doubt that they would make a fuss because they would have to admit to being high on ecstacy

second,if they did make a fuss, then they still submitted to sex and it wouldn't be miscible as rape in a court of law in the US.  It would be the same as alcohol.  The most it could do is get them in trouble.  Unless they lied and said:

They were slipped ecstacy unknowingly...
--In the US that would be considered rape no matter what concentration.  Same as all "date rape" drug incidences.

P.S.  The sentence for "date rape" should be castration...
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