photon pilot wave, real or not

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photon pilot wave, real or not
« on: 22/01/2012 17:45:06 »
Welcome viewers.

I have made some additional observations that may indicate that the photon has a greater field or perhaps generates a pilot wave as in the Bohem interpretation of quantum theory.

In this experiment a double slit is position so that one slit is covered by the center maxima, or center anti-nodal band, from a single slit and the other slit is covered by the first anti-nodal band from the single slit.  This of course produces a normal double slit pattern.   If a barrier is placed after the single slit so that the inside edge is in the dark nodal line between the center maxima and the first anti-nodal band is covered by the barrier there is still a double slit pattern; even though there is an absence of light passing through one of the double slits.

Next a short shield is placed separating the two paths exiting the double slit.  The shield is set on a vertical angle so that any light hitting it is reflected away from the plain of the slits' interference pattern.  The placing of the shield prevents the formation of a double slit pattern.  Next the barrier is removed allowing photons to pass through bought slits while the shield is still in place.   This allows the double slit pattern to reform.

The occurrence of the double slit interference pattern when the photon path through one of the slits is blocked seems to indicate the presence of a broader wave or field that passes through bought slits.  The disruption of the pattern by the presence of a short shield seems to indicate that if there is a broader wave or field it dissipates quickly after being separated from the core.  The re-constitution of the double slit pattern after the barrier is removed but the shield is left in place seems to indicate that if there is a wave or field component in coherent, similarly aligned light the different photons can interact through it with each other to produce an interference pattern.

I noticed that there was a recent proposed experiment by some else to test for a pilot wave so I though there might be some interest this experiment