How do Innuit cope without fresh vegetables and Vitamin C?

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Malcolm Kirk

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Malcolm Kirk  asked the Naked Scientists:
Hi Dr. Chris

During a recent programme that I heard as a podcast, you were giving examples of how poor diets had effected sailors during voyages of discovery that keep them at sea for extended periods without recourse to fresh vegetables. Scurvy being the most common of those diseases encountered and how scurvy appeared to be mitigated by fresh fruit etc.. (vitamin C).  

The next part of the conversation seem to be about the benefits of fish oils on lowering the risk of certain heart problems and Innuit peoples of the Arctic regions appear to benefit in this way because their marine diets; how do these people contend with lack of fresh vegetables, do they get scurvy?  Where would they get their vitamin C?  How do they contend with low blood clotting should they get severly injured?


Malcolm Kirk

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The only answer I found so far is that raw meat contains enough vitamin C.