Zero Dimensional Light Body?

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Zero Dimensional Light Body?
« on: 16/02/2012 15:31:03 »
Is it possible that if all the light in the universe, or even more, were in a space of one millimeter cubed, that it would have enough mass, to have gravity to hold itself like a black hole?


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Re: Zero Dimensional Light Body?
« Reply #1 on: 16/02/2012 18:56:37 »
You would need a lot of energy in a that volume.  A black hole with a radius of 1 millimetre would have a mass of 6 x10^23 kg - mass energy equivalence would make that figure 5*10^40joules.  It doesn't need anywhere close to all the energy in the universe

For it actually to happen is like described is mindbigglingly (sp) unlikely - but think of it this way.  Every black hole in existence now, will at one point in its evolution in the very distant future be a sphere with an EH of 1 millimetre which will evaporate into light energy via hawking radiation (many many times the lifetime of the universe before this happens). This is your question but the other way around in time.  I can see no reason (aprt from silly probability) that it could not happen in reverse - so I would say Yes.
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