Why do some foods make your hands sticky?

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Why do some foods make your hands sticky?
« on: 18/02/2012 22:34:00 »
 Many foods, from cotton candy to oranges, have the unwelcome consequence of making my hands and face sticky when I eat them. It seems to be that the mechanism of this has something to do with the sugar content, because these "sticky" foods that I could think of all have a large portion of fructose in them. I was wondering what is the cause of this, and maybe if there was a sure fire way to eat these foods without this happening?


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Re: Why do some foods make your hands sticky?
« Reply #1 on: 21/02/2012 09:58:05 »
You are right that sugar is related to stickiness.  Perhaps also starches.  I suppose there are numerous ways for your fingers to get messy.
Oils are related slipperiness. 

Eating with a fork and spoon may help prevent your hands from getting messy.

If you are making bread dough, or pie crust, sometimes sprinkling a layer of flour on the dough will help prevent it from sticking to your hands or utensils.
M&Ms "melt in your mouth" use a higher melting point covering over the chocolate.