Experiment to test W=mg

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Experiment to test W=mg
« on: 03/03/2012 15:42:22 »
Classical physics predicts weight should NOT change at increasing temperatures and relativistic theory predicts weight should increase tiny immeasurable bit at increasing temperatures.  My theory predicts weight should decrease at increasing temperatures (link removed).  I searched the literature and found several papers showing weight of heated metals indeed DECREASES at increasing temperatures (M Glaser 1990 Metrologia 27, Dmitriev 2003 Measurement Techniques 46).  Glaser says AIR is responsible for changes in weight but Dmitriev says temperature of metals also contributes to changes in weight.  I am lookimg for scientists to do an experiment weighing a heated metal in VACUUM to resolve the disagreement and test a fundamental prediction of my theory against the a fundamental prediction of traditional physics.

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