Why Does A Sea Sponge Have No Brain And No Nervous System ?

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Dearest Spongeologists,

Happy Friday !

As a sheepy I of course luff sea sponges...It's obvious isn't it ?..Me...sheepy, four legged woolly land loving grass eating ruminant....Sponge..sea dwelling idiot !!...blatant isn't it ?

Take a look at Epaderm....


Epaderm Trying Do To Sums Yesterday !

As ewe can see Epaderm almost got the kweschun right...close but no pancake roll I think the phrase is.....anyway..we all know the real answer...is...erhmm........ sausage !

Apparently despite not really being the sharpest tool in the cream cake (I'm sure I got that phrase right !!)...Epaderm is sheeposed to be an animal and yet Epaderm does not have a brain and nor does he even have a nervous system !!...why's that then ?

Why Does A Sea Sponge NOT Have A Brain Or A Nervous System ?

Ewe see...I just do not know and knowing this will mean I do know !

Hugs and shmishes]

mwah mwah mwah


Hai ku To Sponge

Oh Sponge !
You're a sponge
Yes ewe are !

Quality Hai ku'age there and ewe know it !!

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apparently sponges do have something analogous to a nervous system ...

Sponge cells can communicate with each other via calcium signalling, or by other means; new research suggests that sponges express a group of proteins which conglomerate together to produce a partly synaptic formation.


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I think the basic point is that the brain didn't evolve yet.   Sponges were probably the first animals to evolve.  The brain came along later, maybe encouraged by the evolution of bilateral symmetry, meaning animals like worms are right-left mirror images and therfore store have a head region.   Sponges don't have a head and rear; they are circular.   The evolution of a head would allow all the sensory organs and nerves to concentrate in one area, leading to a brain.