The 1 year Anniversary of the Japan triple disaster is March

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Wasn't sure were to put this but I just want to tell everyone about my Hero in Japan.  I don't think these people get enough recognition for the sacrifices they make for the benefit of so many.

you've heard of the Fukushima 50?  How about TK&R?  TK&R is Tokyo Kids and Radiation.  It is a website and Facebook community page where people can get home lab (verifiable) radiation test results, and talk about their concerns to other like minded individuals.  The creator of this community and website is David Moore.  He is hero to many, activist to some, caring community member to his neighbors, and a concerned husband and father of two.  He has worked hard to get information to the people about the radiation situation in Japan.  He is concerned for the youth and future of Japan and what he does is appreciated greatly by those affected by the nuclear meltdowns in Fukushima. 

On March 11th, the anniversary of the Japan triple disaster, David Moore will be on the Grinning Studios podcast to talk about what he does, how he uses his creativity to help people, and the situation in Japan and how it has affected his and his family's life. I hope you will visit his website and Facebook community page and give support for this man's awesome humanitarian effort, and listen to the podcast when it is released late March 11th.

Tokyo Kids and Radiation website:
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TK&R Facebook Community Page:
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Grinning Studios blog and podcast portal:
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