What does hyperthyroidism do to blood lipid levels?

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Danielle Sullivan  asked the Naked Scientists:
Dear Doctor Chris,

I wondered if you could help with a query. I am a 1st year undergrad at Northampton and recently had a lecture on the thyroid. I am a bit confused because with hyperthyroidism- fat metabolism is increased, resulting in weight loss. But with Graves disease which is the most common cause of hyperthyroidism fat can build up behind the eyes- contributing to the characteristic bulging. How can this be? if fat metabolism is increased? it seems paradoxical.

Secondly: my tutor said blood cholesterol is increased if you are HYPER thyroid, is this possible? i thought it was only with hypothyroidism. Did my tutor simply get their hypos and hypers mixed up?? or am i missing something??

I am sure u are very busy but if you have time to answer my e-mail i would be very grateful as i am having trouble finding literature on this.

Many thanks
Danielle Sullivan

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