Do we see the same region of historical space from different locations?

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Terry-Percival Smith  asked the Naked Scientists:
Hello Dr. Chris,

If we observe an object from when the universe was only a few million years old, and then we were to turn through 180deg and look back to the same era, would we be effectively looking at the same region of the early universe, or, in fact if we look back 13 billion years or so anywhere in the sky are we looking at the same region?

Many thanks for a fantastic programme
Best Regards,

Terry Percival-Smith
Northampton UK

What do you think?
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If you turn 180 degrees you are moving in space, all you have done is shuffle your coordinates by an angle phase. So your object has not evolved in time.


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No you are not looking at the same region but the regions of space are not as far apart then as the are now.  in theory if you looked right back to the theoretical singularity it would be the asme but you could never see that far.
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Depends on how you think about it. You might see the same if you could look far enough. SpaceTime is thought to be infinite, but 'closed'. If it isn't the conservation laws that talks about 'balances and symmetries' will be wrong, as in a 'open' SpaceTime things can get lost. it's like as if you're walking out a door on the left side only to then appear on the right side in a room, very mind boggling.
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