Broken Foot Capiliries & Blood Vessels - Can they be repaired

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Broken Foot Capiliries & Blood Vessels - Can they be repaired?
Male in mid 30's notices broken foot capiliries in foot - Loves walking though
suspects overwalking in italian business shoes may have caused afew ruptures.

Whats the best method to reverse the broken capiliries and/or blood vessels?

All the best.


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telangiectasia ? ...  [ example on foot ]

It is very difficult to remove the telangiectases of generalised essential telangiectasia. Patients whom are self-conscious may use cover-up cosmetics or self-tanning lotions to hide the telangiectases.

They are usually unresponsive to sclerotherapy. Recently, various vascular lasers (frequency-doubled Nd-YAG, copper bromide and pulse-dye lasers) have shown promise in the treatment of generalised essential telangiectasia.
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