Feedback: Grammatical issue

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Feedback: Grammatical issue
« on: 21/03/2012 09:18:01 »
Bryan Reed  asked the Naked Scientists:
First, thanks for a great website! I've enjoyed it very much.

Second, a potential grammar correction for all that spare time I'm sure you have to make such things. :-) Not a huge thing, but since it is an educational site: toward the end of your page 'Make an Egg Stand on End' is this sentence: "Eventually if the egg was spinning fast enough it will stand upright." As written, it mixes tenses (i.e. 'was' used opposite 'will.') Either 'if the egg was spinning fast enough it would" or "if the egg is spinning fast enough it will" would fix it.

Certainly not a killer issue, but there it is. Thanks again for your work.


Bryan Reed

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