The Earth's Rotation, etc.

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The Earth's Rotation, etc.
« on: 22/05/2006 19:19:20 »
[^] For the Earth's Rotation, skip to question 16.


1. If only a few men can run a 4 minute mile @ 15 mph, without a bicycle, do many men increase their power or save enough energy to travel twice as fast for 30 miles @ 30 mph on a manpowered bicycle?

2. Many horses can run a mile in two minutes @ 30 mph, but could a horse move thrice as fast (or @ about 90 mph) if a horse trailer were designed, like a squirrel cage, to capture more horsepower or to amplify same, like a bicycle, where the driver could set in front of all horse pollution, too?

3. Manpower or Horsepower can be and is amplified with leverage. (True or False)

CLUE: Any shade-tree mechanic knows that he can increase his power, while trying to loosen any stubborn nut, by increasing the length of his "breaking bar".  But, is he amplifying his power or torque, or cheating on the accepted laws of physics?

For more information contact:
(Patents are pending further feasibility studies.)

See: The Conservation of Energy Theory  (1 hp = 746 watts.).
See: The Multiplication of Torque Theory (1 hp = 33,000 foot/pounds of torque.)

A.  If a 500 hp. diesel train or truck were running on a 1/8 mile (660 ft.) circular railroad track:
B. And, if said vehicle were connected to a 50 megawatt generator by using an I-beam about 105 feet long, (like a mechanicís breaking bar), which weighed about 100 lbs. per linear foot or about 5 tons; (C = 2 pi r)
C. And, if said vehicle's speed were kept constant @30 mph;  
D. And, if said combination of equipment were 100% efficient:

1. How many foot/pounds of torque could be supplied to the electric generator?
a. about 16.5 million ft./lbs.  (500 x 33,000)
b. about 1.732 billion ft./lbs.  (500 x 105 x 33,000)
c. about 19.965 million ft./lbs. (500 + 105 x 33,000)
d. or about________________

2. How many megawatts of electric power could be created by this invention or innovation?
a. about .373 megawatts  (500 x 746 watts)
b. about  39 megawatts    (500 x 105 x 746 watts)
c. about  .451 megawatts  (500 + 105 x 746 watts)
d. or about_________________

3. Can actual horsepower be predicted with any of the above or similar formulas, or must it be tested with special brake dynamometers, like old steam locomotives?

4. Can horsepower be expressed in the amount of tons that can be pulled at any given speed on a typical railroad track on a level surface? (Yes or No.)

5. How many revolutions would the generator turn per minute, and could it be increased to 180 rpm, like many hydroelectric generators, without losing substantial power?

6. How many miles would the diesel engine travel in a normal year (of 365 days)?

7. If the diesel engine burns 1 gallon of fuel every 5 miles, like many diesel trucks, how much fuel would be consumed per hour?

8. What would be the total fuel cost at $3.00 per gallon to produce each kilowatt of electric power?

9. Assuming 10 percent maintenance costs per year, about how much profit could be made, if power were sold for 10 cents per KWH (or @ $100 per megawatt hour)?

10. How much weight of the I-beam would be supported by said locomotive? (tons)

11. Would said I-beam bend under maximum torque, and would rubber tires be needed for maximum torque?

12. How would you refuel said locomotive without stopping same?

13. How many of the above power plants could be built with $10 billion, which is the daily cost of the present P.N.A.C. War in Iraq, if plants could be built for $5 million, each? (Google search: "The P.N.A.C. Plan" about 100 pages, which was created before the election of George W. Bush by a secret, political power and oil interest group of greedy Americans.)  

14. Could an electric train engine be used in the same manner to create more electricity than it consumes?

15. Could sails, like a clipper ship, be used to create more torque than windmills for free, renewable electricity?

[^]16. Since perpetual motion is impossible, is it possible that the Earthís rotation is powered by solar energy which creates wind, where mountain ranges act like sails with a leverage factor of several thousand miles? (Yes or No.)

[^]17. If yes; then, is the Earthís rotation system patentable, by God or by any other recent inventor?

Feasibility Thinking Test questions by:
James H. Armistead (age 73)
3814 West Land Park Dr.
Sacramento, Ca. 95822,
with all patent rights, if any, reserved. (no phone)

"Follow the Reasons"
"Follow the Reasons"


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Re: The Earth's Rotation, etc.
« Reply #1 on: 25/05/2006 19:42:39 »
even though the world is taking energy from the sun, and translating it into wind, the earth is just too big, and the mountains too small, and wind not nearly heavy enough, the earth cannot spin solely because of solar power.  Also compare the size of the sails on a ship compared to the actual ship.  So i would say that it is the momentum left over from early earth times.  The moon wouldn't have anything to keep it spinning, because it is actually slowing it down.  Days used to be 2 hours long.

E=MC2... m=deg/360 X C... C= PiD

therefore E=deg/360 X 2(PiD)

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